Communication skills for couples





Communication Skills

Communication Skills for Couples

Partnership in challenging times can be hard. Too often the habits that make a partnership work well seem to be falling by the wayside and friction, irritation and unhappiness can be the result.
Couples who regularly express feelings to other each other are less like to develop problems. Expressing feelings is our tool to interact meaningfully with other people. By expressing positive feelings we let others know they have done something we like (and de-facto invite them to do this more often). By expressing negative feelings we let others know they have done something we did not like. You could say that by expressing feelings we mould the world to our preferences. Being able to express positive and negative feelings is an essential skill for couple who want to experience a satisfying relationship. The ability to hear someone else expressing positive and negative feelings to you is equally important.
In this workshop we will introduce couples to four essential life skills for effective and happy partnership living: active listening, expressing positive feelings, expressing negative feelings and problem solving.
The workshop will consist of brief lectures, demonstrations, practical exercises and discussions.

When: Saturday June 19

Where: Invercargill Library

For Whom

For couples who want to learn improved communication and problem solving skills to improve their relationship.
Cost: $125

Communication Skills Trainer: Lynne and Henck Van Bilsen

Lynne has more than 40 years’ experience in mental health. She started her professional life as a mental health nurse in New Zealand. After moving to the UK she started and completed her training into cognitive behaviour therapy.. She is a gifted clinician and can assist people to bring meaningful and lasting change to their lives. Lynne specialises in offering cognitive behaviour therapy for people who have problems with feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, sleep and family/couple stress.

Henck qualified as a clinical psychologist in 1978 in the Netherlands. He specialised in cognitive behaviour therapy and systems therapy. He has worked in the public and private sector. He is an experienced clinician with a clear vision on what needs to change and how it can be achieved.


Send an e-mail to or call Lynne on 027-3923994