Rational thinking in an irrational world





Rational Thinking Skills

Rational Thinking in an irrational world

It seems like the challenging of our times never stop: earthquakes, Covid, terrorist attacks, volcanic eruptions. Life is challenging and although it seems more challenging now than in the past, it has always been challenging. It is not the challenges that life throws at us that may cause unhappiness, stress and well-being problems but how we mentally respond to these challenges. Learning Rational Thinking Skills has been described as a mental tool that resembles the Swiss Army Knife. With rational thinking skills you can deal with many problems and issues. In this workshop you will learn to identify unhelpful & problematic thinking and learn to change this! In other words you will to learn to accept that we live in a crazy world! In this crazy world good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people, in this crazy world we can all make plans (as we did in the beginning of 2020) but then life happens and disrupts all our plans (like the COVID virus did in 2020). Rational thinking skills can help in dealing with the ‘craziness’ of the world, so that we are emotionally less affected by it.
You will learn about healthy and unhealthy negative feelings, you will learn to recognise irrational thinking and you will learn to use this Swiss Army Knife of the mind!

When: July 31

Where: Invercargill Library

For Whom

For everyone who wants to learn strategies to use rational thinking to avoid becoming overwhelmed by negative feelings.
Cost: $125

Trainer: Henck Van Bilsen

Henck Van Bilsen: Henck qualified as a clinical psychologist in 1978 in the Netherlands. He specialised in cognitive behaviour therapy and systems therapy. He has worked in the public and private sector. He is an experienced clinician with a clear vision on what needs to change and how it can be achieved.


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