Therapists that can assist you to overcome personal problems can come from different backgrounds. At vanbilsenhelp we can offer you the services of a cognitive behaviour therapist (Lynne van Bilsen) and a clinical psychologist (Henck van Bilsen).
Both Lynne and Henck will be helpful in teaching you skills to overcome emotional and behavioural problems. Examples of problems that Lynne and Henck can help you with are: depression, anxiety, stress, using too much alcohol or drugs and shyness.



When is it a good plan to work with a therapist?

• You think that your problems are connected with the way you ‘do’ life and that by learning new skills you can make a change
• You have the time and energy to meet up with a therapist at least once a fortnight (for some problems it might be preferable to meet once a week and for some people only meeting once is sufficient)
• You have sufficient supports in your life that will allow you to attend regular sessions if needed (transport, child-care, time away from work etc.)
• You are willing to talk about and discuss the things that bother you
• You are willing to identify problems and set goals to work on
• You are willing to do small ‘self-help’ tasks between the meetings with the therapist

What will happen when I work with a therapist?

The first work that needs to be done is find out what the origins of the problems were and how they are maintained. In order to do this the therapist will need to ask you (lots of) questions and you may also be asked to complete some questionnaires. Based on this information the therapist will discuss with you how he/she thinks the problems are kept ‘alive’ and what can be done about it.
The therapist will review how your problems are connected with important life skills (see figure) and make a plan of action for the therapy. This will be discussed with you and you can decide if that is what you want to do or whether you would like to pursue other strategies to resolve your problems..



The figure above explains how life’s problems are connected with important life skills. The therapists at vanbilsenhelp are especially trained to teach you these life skills. If you agree to work with us, she/ he will meet regularly and assist with you achieving your goals.

The therapist will regularly evaluate your progress with you and depending on this new approaches may be suggested.